Best Hospital and Popular in the World

I believe everyone wants to get the best service for health affairs at the time of treatment in hospital. If it had been like that, if you are a person who has enough money, then try to make your health care in some of the best in the World Ruma Hospital following:
Best Hospital and Popular in the World
1. Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore)

Gleneagles Hospital began as a nursing home with 45 beds called Gleneagles Nursing Home and then combined as the Gleneagles Hospital Limited in 1958. The current hospital location in Napier Road formerly known as the Gleneagles Hotel, and the way it was finally purchased by the hospital. Gleneagles Hospital officially opened on June 8, 1959. Furthermore, the hospital was expanded into a health center with 126 beds between 1979 and 1980. In 1987, Gleneagles Hospital acquired by Parkway Holdings.

After the acquisition by Parkway Holdings, Gleneagles Hospital begin expansion for 3 years worth S $ 150 million that converts into a highly sophisticated medical facilities with a variety of disciplines in the field of health. In 1994, Gleneagles Medical Center began operations. Now, Gleneagles Hospital has more than 300 physicians practice with more than 30 specialties and sub-specialties and get ranked on Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQA) as the best hospital in the world.

2. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek (Germany)

Asklepios Klinik Barmbek is the largest private hospitals in Europe, located in Hamburg, Germany. The hospital has more than 100 medical facilities. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek has medical technology has not been owned by anyone in the world.

3. Prince Court Medical Center (Malaysia)

Prince Court Medical Centre has 277 treatment rooms located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with excellent access to hotels, shopping malls and tourist attractions. The hospital is equipped with the art medical technology to help professionals in providing the best care for patients.

4. Clemenceau Medical Center (Lebanon)

Hospital Clemenceau is located in Beirut, Lebanon. Has a ratio of 1: 1 in the handling of the affairs of nurses to patients. The hospital is providing teleconference services for patients who reside abroad and want to consult with a specialist.

5. Wooridul Spine Hospital (South Korea)

Wooridul Spine is a hospital that specializes in dealing with the spine. Wooridul Spine hospital located in Seoul, South Korea. As many as 75% of patients have welcome home one day and a maximum of one week after undergoing surgery. (Previous article: List of The World’s Best University for All Programs)

6. Fortis Hospital in Bangalore (India)

Fortis Hospital located in Bangalore, India. The hospital is well-known both in dealing with orthopedic diseases. In addition Fortis hospital also continues do follow-up for each patient, including patients from abroad.

7. Bumrungrad International (Thailand)

Internationally accredited hospital is located in Bangkok, Thailand. A hospital Bumrungrad International is the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia. As many as 40% of patients are people from outside Thailand. To smooth communication, all the hospital staff speak English.

8. Anadolu Medical Center (Turkey)

Anadolu Medical Center is known for its Bone Marrow Transplant Center. The hospital also collaborates with the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland US In this hospital there is also a hotel to ensure the comfort of the patient’s family. Anadolu Medical Center is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

9. Asian Heart Institute (India)

The hospital is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Barcelona Centre Medic focuses on personal care. Which involves all the patient’s medical team in order to really get the right treatment.

10. Bangkok Hospital Medical Center (Thailand)

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, one of the hospitals under the auspices of the Bangkok Hospital Group. Bangkok Hospital Group is the largest hospital operator in Thailand and pick the network up to 13 locations. In all 13 locations have hospitals with different specialties – different. One of the best hospitals in the world for medical tourism.

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